Folded Book Centerpieces

Ronald McDonald House HamburGala 2018: All You Need is Love

For the All You Need is Love Hamburgala, our committee decided to create centerpieces using folded books. Book folding involves folding pages of a hardcover book — sometimes combined with cutting the paper — within the book’s own binding while following a pattern. Since our theme was love, we decided on a combination of the word love and heart patterns.

We had 38 tables and each centerpiece needed 3 books–we made 120 folded books for the event. Each book takes several hours depending on intricate the patterns are. We even tried making a folded book of the Ronald McDonald House logo. While it was super cool looking, it took over 10 hours to make so it wasn’t doable.

We used rubberbands to attach the books together and Flowers and Fancies added the flowers for us. At the end of the evening, guests were told they could take a book home with them–there wasn’t a single one left!

Learn how to fold a book here.

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