Community Art

There’s nothing I love more than working on an art project with many contributors. If you have a project you would like to do, let me know. I am happy to coordinate the entire process from start to finish!

Operation Spread Love

About a month ago, I posted some photos on Facebook of some hearts in a chain link fence that I was itching to do. This has been a time of extreme violence in Baltimore City and now more than ever, we need to spread love, not hate. McKim Park in Baltimore City is behind theContinue reading “Operation Spread Love”

Kindness Rocks

Grace Beyond the Walls Church Summer Camp Baltimore City, Summer of 2019 Supplies: Rocks, Acrylic Paint, Paint Brushes A group of us volunteered to do arts and crafts projects at a summer camp in Baltimore City. Our activity for one of the days was to make kindness rocks to place in the community. The kidsContinue reading “Kindness Rocks”

Quilled Paper Heart

“Anahata” (means unhurt, unstruck, unbeaten, balance, calmness, serenity) Karma Fashion Boutique for the Ronald McDonald House ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE ART CAMPAIGN, 2018 This art project was super fun to do and appropriate for kids of all ages. We set up several tables in Karma Fashion Boutique in Lutherville and invited the community inContinue reading “Quilled Paper Heart”


Central Presbyterian Church, April 2013
Finished size: 8 ft. x 8 ft.
Supplies used: plywood, 9 shades of grey paint, broken items

This project was the beginning of my large scale design life. After seeing the first photo entitled, Jo Jo, by artist Brian Hill, at the 2013 Justice Conference, several of us at Central Presbyterian thought to ourselves, “We could do that.” With an upcoming sermon series on Consumerism, we had the perfect opportunity.

Our image was pixelated and printed and a graph was drawn. Nine different shades of grey were in the pixelated picture. We labeled each box on the graph according to the shade present in the box. (See picture 2).

Then, we drew a graph onto a plywood with the same numbers of boxes as our picture. We painted each box with the corresponding shade of grey and glued broken things onto the plywood (toys, telephones, ipods, balls, parts of furniture, hardware, etc.) Finally we painted each object the correct shade of grey for the box it was in.

The greatest thing about this project was that we had no idea if it would look like the man until it was entirely finished.

Interactive Prayer Trees

Central Presbyterian Church, July 2013
Finished size: 6 ft. x 7 ft. each
Supplies used: Wood, chicken wire, fabric scraps

We wove scraps of several shades of brown fabric to create the tree outlines. Over several weeks, members of the congregation wrote prayers for themselves on the green fabric and tied them onto the chicken wire. Prayers for other people were written on the blue fabric and woven into the chicken wire.

Let’s build something together.

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