Quilled Paper Heart

“Anahata” (means unhurt, unstruck, unbeaten, balance, calmness, serenity) Karma Fashion Boutique for the Ronald McDonald House ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE ART CAMPAIGN, 2018 This art project was super fun to do and appropriate for kids of all ages. We set up several tables in Karma Fashion Boutique in Lutherville and invited the community inContinue reading “Quilled Paper Heart”

Folded Book Centerpieces

Ronald McDonald House HamburGala 2018: All You Need is Love For the All You Need is Love Hamburgala, our committee decided to create centerpieces using folded books. Book folding involves folding pages of a hardcover book — sometimes combined with cutting the paper — within the book’s own binding while following a pattern. Since our theme was love, we decided onContinue reading “Folded Book Centerpieces”