Quilled Paper Heart

“Anahata” (means unhurt, unstruck, unbeaten, balance, calmness, serenity)

Karma Fashion Boutique for the Ronald McDonald House ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE ART CAMPAIGN, 2018

This art project was super fun to do and appropriate for kids of all ages. We set up several tables in Karma Fashion Boutique in Lutherville and invited the community in to help create the piece of art. We decided on paper quilling since it was easy for even the youngest kids.

Quilled circles could be as small or as large as each person wanted which helped with kids and adults with limited attention spans! You can purchase quilling strips in various widths on Amazon and quilling tools to help get your circles started. We used Elmers glue to glue the strips of paper together.

We wanted our piece to be large so we purchased a 48 in. square canvas from Michaels. I drew the outline of a heart on the canvas as a guide and then glued the quilled circles down using hot glue.

Today the Anahata heart hangs in the lobby of the New Ronald McDonald House.

Members of the RMH Women’s Committee that helped create Anahata

One thing we learned is that as we added more circles, the piece became very heavy. The framer ended up having to create additional supports on the back prior to framing this piece.

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