Operation Spread Love

About a month ago, I posted some photos on Facebook of some hearts in a chain link fence that I was itching to do. This has been a time of extreme violence in Baltimore City and now more than ever, we need to spread love, not hate. McKim Park in Baltimore City is behind the Ronald McDonald House and on Fayette Street (on the way to Hopkins Hospital) and we could think of no better place to decorate with the message of Spreading Love.

Yesterday, on the hottest day of the summer so far, a large group of us transformed McKim Park with this message. We decorated the fence with hearts and the tree trunks with colorful yarn. Members of the community and some of the families staying at the house even came out to help.

We are thinking about doing another day of hearts and wrapping next week. Check facebook if you are interested in helping. In the meantime, if you drive down Fayette St. and see it, let us know!

Want to create a message on your own chain link fence? Check out Put In Cups. They have a cup calculator and you can even do a custom design on their site.

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