View Finder Table Numbers

Recently, my dear friend hosted a rehearsal dinner. This was a COVID wedding and as a result the number of people invited was limited to close friends of the Bride and Groom and immediate family. My friend ordered viewfinders and 8 different discs – all with pics of the Bride and Groom and their bridal party from all different stages of their lives- kid stage to grown ups. She put several viewfinders on each table along with the disks and they were a HUGE hit.

My friend’s colors for the rehearsal dinner were red, white and black. She wanted table numbers and wanted them to coordinate with her colors and the viewfinders. I decided to make a viewfinder disk with each table number. Rather than pictures of all the people at the rehearsal dinner, I just used pictures of the Bride and Groom throughout their years of dating.

It was a unique way to tie everything together and very fun to create.

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