Hamburgala 2019: It’s All About The Kids

Benefiting Maryland’s Ronald McDonald House, Four Seasons Hotel, Harbor East, Baltimore

As co-chair of the decorating committee, it’s always great fun to work with the Women’s Committee to decorate the lobby, cocktail space and the tables in the ball room. The theme for 2019 was “It’s All About the Kids”.

Every year, guests have to walk through the “House” that is made out of PVC pipe to sign in–I’ve gotten to know the guys at the local plumbing supply store and they no longer look at me like I’m crazy when I come in with questions. Every year we hang large photos of kids that have to do with the theme of the event.

We decided to use silhouettes of children playing to line the hallways. We had them made out of styrofoam and painted them with black acrylic paint. They were multiple sizes and then we attached them to painted foam blocks. We then blew up faces of different kids that have stayed at the Ronald McDonald House.

We always make menu cards, so we used the same silhouettes that were in the hallway. Each silhouette had a magnetic heart that we made using resin and alcohol ink. Guests were able to take the hearts home as a reminder of the evening.

We work with Flowers and Fancies every year and they do an amazing job. They no longer look at us like we are crazy either! On top of the Ronald McDonald House there is a giant, red heart that is lit up. We decided to mimic the heart in our centerpieces. We found neon red heart lights and mosaiced them to look like the heart and the mosaic on the rooftop terrace of the Ronald McDonald House. Our cocktail tables had glass vases with silhouettes and flowers.

I cannot wait until we are able to have an in-person gala again!

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