Reptile Birthday Party

A while back, I had the pleasure of helping with a Reptile Birthday Party for a 5 year old boy who loves all things King Cobra. His mom is one of the best party planners I have ever met–every last detail was thought of! The plan (note to self, always have a Plan B!) was to have the majority of the party outside, but the day before the party was extremely cold and windy and the forecast the day of the party was for more of the same. The decision was made to move some of the fun indoors. The outdoor hedge wall that was going to go behind the cake became the perfect spot for a photo opp in the entrance way of the house. The super sized snake that was going to be a focal point in the yard slithered up next to the hedge wall. We still were able to decorate the pirate ship in the yard with lots of vines, leaves, burlap, spiders, iguanas, turtles and loads of snakes. We created palm trees out of poles on the patio using brown lunch bags and the tops of umbrellas that had leaves glued on. Inside, the mom had made awesome vines out of brown paper–time consuming but super worth it for decorating the inside of her house!

DIY Jungle Vines: (brown paper used for shipping from Target or Michaels is perfect for making vines)

DIY Palm Trees: (carpet tubes make great bases for palm trees) For the palm tree tops, we used broken umbrellas–golf umbrellas work the best. Then we hot glued and zip tied the leaves onto the ribs of the umbrella. Purchase leaves: Tropical Leaves

DIY Hedgewall: We used 20 x 20 pieces of fake boxwood pinned onto thick insulation foam. Tutorial coming soon.

If you need someone to make balloon garlands, Rainey is awesome to work with. You can find her on facebook: Up by Rainey

The incredible cakes were made by Cakes by Jason.

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