How Far Are You Willing To Go For A Prop?

The answer is…pretty far! From time to time, you will see me put a bizarre request on facebook and almost always, someone comes through.

I am on the planning committee for my High School Reunion and we decided that we wanted to have a photo booth at our 30th Reunion. Our high school was brand new when we started and each grade level was divided into subschools. Each subschool was a different color and had coordinating lockers. When a class became Seniors, they were in the orange subschool and had orange lockers (It was a BIG deal back then)

We took this photo as a promo for our 20th Reunion.

The school was undergoing renovations around our 30th Reunion and had gotten rid of all of the subschool and lockers. Knowing that our beloved orange lockers were gone, we thought it would be fun to have them as a photobooth backdrop.

I posted a request for a set of lockers on facebook and within an hour, I heard back from a college friend in Pennslvania. We drove to pick them up which was quite an adventure in itself.

I got busy spraypainting them.

Then the lockers made their way to Virginia to the hotel where the reunion was being held – I think the hotel staff thought we were crazy!

We added our letter jackets and various jerseys and hats for people to wear to take pics.

The lockers were used for our props and then we used a pvc pipe frame and hung streamers in our school colors as the actual backdrop.

It was a super fun night and the best compliment is that people thought we got the actual lockers from our old subschool!

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