I’Meagher to Meet You: Payton’s Socially-Distant Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower during a global pandemic isn’t easy. We want to be with our loved ones and celebrate this new life, but we have to keep everyone safe. For Payton, we made sure her family and friends could enjoy a COVID-safe afternoon in “Paris”.

The theme of the party was Paris to match Payton’s French nursery design. The tagline? “I’Meagher to meet you!” (read: I’m eager to meet you).

Les Sièges (Seating)

Payton’s shower was outdoor and socially distant. We designed our seating like a garden picnic, with a personal touch. Each blanket spread on the grounds belonged to a family member of Payton and Tyler in their childhood.

The wooden circle centerpieces had a vase of flowers for a garden touch and hand sanitizer for health safety. We also included a placard explaining who used the blankets.

La Nourriture (Food)

Left: We created individual lunchboxes for guests to enjoy without risk of cross-contamination. Each box contained charcuterie of meats, cheese, fruit, olive and nuts.

Right: A delicious party favor of macarons for each guest to enjoy on their way out. The label contains the event’s

Las décorations (Decorations)

Left: The gift station was accented with a Parisian apartment backdrop.

Middle: What to do with a swimming pool in the middle of the grounds? Turn it into a swan lake, of course! These swan pool floats drifted throughout the center of the party, offering a fun and pretty accent piece.

Right: Guests stopped at Patisserie Payton on their way out for their party favors: delicious macarons from a local bakery. The cake in the center isn’t edible: it’s actually made of diapers.

The Activity

One of our favorite things to include in a party is an activity that’s both fun and functional. What better activity than onesie decorating?

We brought a selection of iron-on decals that guests could choose from for their onesies. Once they were done decorating, guests could attach a small handmade tag with their name on it so Payton would know who to thank for the adorable and sometimes hilarious onesies.

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